15 Aprile: Musical Afternoon to


Concerto di beneficienza della pianista Sophie Leacacos domenica 15 aprile a sostegno di Heart to Heart, organizzazione di charity per bambini bisognosi di operazioni al cuore.

Si cercano anche volontari per Also, if you would like to help us for a couple hours that day – at the door with donations, selling snacks/drinks, etc. – please let me know.  We will need some volunteers for this.  The “work” should be really easy.

Thanks for supporting Heart to Heart!


About the Artist

Sophie Morgan Leacacos, of Russian and Welsh family origin, began her piano studies in the U.S. at the age of four with the German pianist and composer LaSalle Spier (then age 60), her principal teacher.  She gave her first professional concert at the age of 15 at the Phillips Gallery in Washington, D.C. As a classical interpreter, Ms Leacacos is a direct descendant of the most distinguished European pianistic tradition: LaSalle Spier was a student in Germany of two great pianists, Joseffy and Burmeister, both of whom were pupils of Franz Liszt.
In the U.S., Ms Leacacos taught piano at Wesleyan University and the University of North Carolina, where she held a doctoral fellowship in musicology and philosophy. Under the Cleveland Orchestra and the Cleveland Institute of Music, she was the creator and first executive director of the Robert Casadeus International Piano Competition in Cleveland, Ohio, now known as the Cleveland Competition, which continues to be held every two years for promising young artists.
Living in Switzerland for many years, Ms Leacacos teaches piano and often performs concerts for charity. She has been dividing her time between Geneva and Shanghai since 2006.
Ms Leacacos is donating this program to Heart to Heart Shanghai.

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