Brown Sugar: Nuovi arrivi di artisti

Shanghai, August 2012 –
 Hosting some of the best international artists in town, Brown Sugar brings a world-class music experience to the Shanghai crowd every day. With excellent performers and music ranging from Jazz and Funk to R&B and even occasional electro dance music, Xintiandi’s well established live house has all you need to for a groovy and musical night out. Brown Sugar is widely known to be the best live house in Shanghai hosting some of the greatest musical talents in town.

Heart and soul of Brown Sugar are its incredibly talented musicians and singers, filling the club with tunes that deeply touch their audiences every night. With the fresh arrival of YO Tharrington, Brown Sugar’s inspiring group of lead singers is now comprised of three international talents, each with their own powerful style and voice.


YOLANDA – Yo Bombshell land’a Shanghai! Every Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday!

Yolanda “YO” Tharrington is the newest star of Brown Sugar. Known as the hardest working woman in Las Vegas, she is a singer, model and actress in one, and will now be performing in Brown Sugar on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

She entered the stage of Vegas in 2005 but has been singing ever since she was only seven years old. After working with some of the big names in the industry such as The Black Eyed Peas, Ginuwine or Tony Terry, YO has reached a unique presence, finesse and vocal prowess on stage over the last years. She even caught the attention of Comedian George Wallace, who personally selected her to perform in his show.

Since 2009 YO has been touring internationally starting with her first 3 month solo show in the Venetian in Macau. In the same year she also became a permanent member of the Brown Sugar family after guesting in the club’s Shanghai outlet. She has been featured in several tribute shows and also demonstrated her talents in Atlantic City as member of the Motown spectacle “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing” as well as in several roles in movies such as Soul Plane or Spiderman II. Now she is back in Shanghai with the impact of a bombshell!

Return of the Legend – Meachie Day, every Wednesday Ladies Night! 

Meachie Day is not only the star of Brown Sugar’s infamous Ladies Night, he also operates as Stage Manager in the club. Born in Alabama and raised in Southern California, he has always felt a deep love for music and sang his first gospel solo at the tender age of 2 years.  Coming from a musical family that, amongst others, brought fourth members of the original ‘Temptations’ or ‘The Time’, Meachie soon developed his own very unique style mixing Gospel with R&B, Blues and Pop tunes. He continued to develop his own sound while also working as song-writer, producer and vocal arranger for big names in the industry such as Brandy, Bobby Brown, Jamie Fox, etc., before finally making his way to China in 2008.

“Originally I was only planning to perform at Brown Sugar in Taipei for two months and then return back to the States but after that, they asked me, if I wanted to come to Brown Sugar Shanghai and these two months quickly turned into 4 years over here.”

Facing this very new challenge, Meachie quickly learned to love the beauty of traditional Chinese culture, the taste of 水饺 (shuijiao, boiled Jiaozi) and fried noodles, all the great people from all over the world, that you can meet in Shanghai, and the curiosity of Chinese people. Here, he wants to become a role model of acceptance and positive energy to reach out to people’s hearts with his music. “This is what keeps me motivated. Even if you feel weary, you can’t rest, because you never know, whose life you might be able to touch.”

Godfather of Soul – Carlton J Smith, every Thursday Motown

Another one of Brown Sugars top performers, Carlton J. Smith, has been in and out of China since 2005. After first being a resident at the House of Blues and Jazz in Shanghai, Carlton has been known in the scene as the one who brought Soul performances to the city. In 2010 he caught the eye of Brown Sugar and has been repeatedly working with the outlets in Taipei and Shanghai since then.

Carlton brings esprit and fun to the Brow Sugar stage and always tries to be the “Best Dressed Entertainer in Shanghai”. With a collection of over 300 suits between Shanghai and New York, he surely reaches his goal.

Deeply inspired by big Soul artists such as Sam Cook and especially James Brown, Carlton decided to become a performer after he saw the latter live in concert. Back then he was only 7 years old. The musical perkiness and discipline of Mr. Brown influence Carlton even today and led him to portray the ‘Godfather of Soul’ in the movie ‘Liberty Heights’ in 1999.

Until now, Carlton sais about himself, that he is happiest when he can perform, tries to be always dressed to his best while on stage and thanks God for music.

Every year, Brow Sugar brings exceptional, talented artists from North America and Europe to Shanghai ­– great performers that enrich the cities musical scene and inspire their audience night by night on the Brown Sugar stage. Bringing Soul, Funk, Jazz and even Salsa to the city, Brown Sugar’s stars shine brightly –  brimming with passion, inspiration and deep felt love for their profession and music.

Sept 20th, Shunza live concert at Brown Sugar!

As another highlight, Brown Sugar will be hosting the Taiwanese superstar Shunza on September 20th. Born in Beijing and grown up in the US, Shunza moves the hearts of her audience with the unique sound of her velvet voice. Unlike other star singers that prefer to sing in front of big crowds, she now gives the Shanghai audience the chance to experience her incredible talent in an intimate mini concert at Brown Sugar.

Ticket: 200RMB/ 150RMB  Pre-sale price: 150RMB/ 100RMB    For reservation: (021) 5382 8998


About Brown Sugar:

Brown Sugar is the preferred destination for live music in Shanghai. Here you find globally-acclaimed musicians accompanied by authentic European cuisine and an excellent wine and cocktail selection in a unique club lounge ambience. Brown Sugar is known to bring some of the best musicians from all over the world to Shanghai. Music lovers can enjoy the great showmanship of internationally renown artists, food lovers relish a unique clash of Asian and European tastes, and party-lovers can let their hair down. Brown Sugar invites you to simply have a good time and enjoy our music together with our artists.

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