May 8 at Jugend (Tianzifang): Atomic Tuesday


Wanna discover new horizons in Shanghai?
Outdoor addicts, nature lovers, sportive people and loafers are all welcome
this Tuesday, May 8th, from 7:30pm till late, at Jugend Space!

Pictures and Videos of the last 5 years events in China will be displayed on projection screen.
Expect some awesome landscapes featuring rollerskating, inlineskating, longboarding, mountainbiking, trekking, paraglading and canyoning!

Jugend has prepared a special drink menu for us:
Soft drinks – 15rmb
Beers – 20rmb (Qingdao), 35rmb  (Flensburger Pilsener)
Cocktails – 35rmb (vodka, whisky, rhum and gin)
Wine by glass – 30rmb (red, white)

About the Chinese characters on our logo:
生滑 is combination of 生 (sheng): life and 滑 (hua): slide. 生滑 (shenghua) sounds like 生活 (shenghuo), which means life.




软饮料 – 15元
啤酒 – 20元 (青岛), 35元(德国啤酒Flensburger Pilsener)


鸡尾酒 – 35元 (伏特加,威士忌,兰姆酒,杜松子酒)
一杯德国葡萄酒 – 30元 (红葡萄酒,白葡萄酒)

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