29 Sett.: How to work with influencers to promote your brand


How To Find Them And How To Improve The ROI.


As the world has shifted to social media, consumers look at fellow consumers to inform their purchasing decisions. Instead of using traditional media outlets, as they did in the past, they now look at each other and at their favorite personalities, who are consolidating massive followings on Weibo, WeChat or other social networks.

They are subject-matter experts, personal brands, bloggers who are customers themselves and have already earned trust of your potential customers.

Why don’t you let them lead your marketing campaigns?

How then can we work with KOLs? Are they expensive?

How do we know who to work with and how do we find them?

As brands are building WeChat Official accounts, how could you reach out to more target audience and get more followers?

Robin8, the #1 intelligent influencer/KOLs platform in China, will share with you the most innovative solutions and the best practices of KOL marketing in China.


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Robin8, the #1 intelligent influencer/KOLs platform in China. It recently launched the Robin8 KOL search engine and app at www.robin8.net. It has over 22M+ KOLs and influencers profiled across 5 social platforms: Weibo, WeChat, Zhihu, Miaopai and Meipai. Robin8 is China’s only automated KOL platform that offers end-to-end KOL performance attribution.

Elsa Wang – Marketing Specialist / Director, Robin8

Elsa is a strategic marketer with an eye for consumer insights and a passion for digital marketing (Social Media, Content Marketing, SEO/SEM, Web analytics).  She has a Google certified Partner Certificates for Google Analytics and Google Adwords.  In Robin8, Elsa worked with R8 team on the KOL campaigns of many global brands such as Airbnb, Dunkin Donuts etc. She also manages routine projects for 4A advertising agencies.  Elsa has a Masters from NYU in Integrated Marketing.




Thu, September 29, 2016

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM


501号 Jiu Jiang Lu, Room 228, Shanghai




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