31 maggio: “When the sea rises”, Segolene Romier’s solo exhibition opening

Segolène Romier e’ un’artista francese che vive e lavora a Ginevra. Su invito dello Swatch Art Center terra’ una sua mostra per tre mesi presso lo Swatch Art Peace Hotel. Due le attivita’ proposte: ritratti fotografici dei bambini di Shanghai e lo sviluppo del nuovo progetto di scultura “When The Sea Rises”.


About Segolene Romier: “
Although her sculptures possess a clinical whiteness, the figures are crafted with a deep sensuality, they possess humour and lightness. But don’t get too comfortable. Behind their forms lurks discomfort and irritation.

The sculptures’ large heads not only remind us of the innocence of children, but also the otherness of extraterrestrials. Perhaps these different connotations are not so unrelated? Children and aliens both find themselves in environments that they do not fully understand, vulnerable to man made dangers they cannot perceive. Although we ignore or suppress the dangers around us, they emerge from our subconscious in the form of diffuse fears and anxiety.”



O-Gallery hopes you will join them for this opening day with complimentary drinks and snacks from 7:00-9:00pm. If you need any other information, please contact ying.feng@o-gallery.cn or call 0215404762.


Thursday, the 31st May 2012

From 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Free Admission



1/F, Bldg 6, 18 Gao’An Lu



Metro: Hengshan Rd

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