Shanghai: 10 anni di cambiamenti in foto


Dvir Bar-Gal, fotografo e giornalista israeliano ha vissuto per una decina di anni a Shanghai raccogliendo tracce e testimonianze sulla storia della comunita’ ebraica in citta’, dall’arrivo dei primi mercanti in seguito alla Guerra dell’Oppio, alle migrazioni dalla Russia della rivoluzione fino all’abbandono in massa della citta’ a meta’ del ‘900. Diversamente dalle sue ricerche e studi, questo libro raccoglie invece sue testimonianze fotografiche della Shanghai negli ultimi 10 anni, una collezione preziosa condensata in un intenso periodo di cambiamenti e trasformazioni sociali.



After nearly 10 years residing in Shanghai experiencing and documenting it’s present days and it’s Jewish past I finally gathered up, printed and bind together a selection of my photography best summarizing the ever changing city between 2001-2010.

For the Benefit of the People was published in Shanghai few months ago and creates great interest with visitors and expats in Shanghai alike.

For the Benefit of the People – Shanghai photographs- captures the People, the icons the transformation and the paradoxes making Shanghai an unconventional city in exceptional time.

“Anyone interested in Shanghai’s many and fascinating Jewish connections may know Dvir Bar-Gal’s name already. The Israeli journalist and photojournalist has been leading popular tours of the historic Hongkou district since 2002 and has become an integral member of the community there. 

However, Bar-Gal’s latest project tracks an altogether different history of the changes Shanghai has seen over the past decade. For the Benefit of the People comprises colour photographs taken from when Bar-Gal first arrived in Shanghai in 2001, right through to today.”  Frances Arnold -Creative Hunt,  November 24th.

“I found myself increasingly fascinated by the endless ironies and cynicism Shanghai offered to the trained eye of a resident. The art was in the symbolic visuals sprinkled throughout the street scenes of daily life.
These ironies and symbols offer a multi-layered understanding and interpretation of Shanghai. They are the binding glue needed to hold together such diversity and contrast. These cynical icons and paradoxes became, for me, the unique soul of the city that I had to capture.”   [Dvir Bar-Gal Taken from the introduction to the book].

This hard-cover book, of 176 color pages offers nearly 200 pictures all taken in Shanghai at the first decade of the 21st century.

The book is distributed in Shops in Shanghai and within China.

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